Welcome to Sittong Tourism Festival

are you ready?

You are hereby cordially invited to the grand Sittong Tourism Festival being held in the charming village Sittong situated in the majestic hills of Darjeeling surrounded by waterfalls, crystal clear lakes and dense evergreen forests. The lush green meadows and valleys add to the beauty and charm of Sittong. The region is combined with more than 50 villages with a radius of 15 to 20 kilometers. There are more than 50 Homestays in Sittong with a capacity to accommodate more than 400 guests. There are many traditional heritage buildings in Sittong like the 120 years old Lepcha Bamboo church which is now renovated and the 250 years old mud Lepcha Gumpha with wall painting. The Salamander Lake which is a top attraction is just a few kilometers from Sittong.

Stay in a Homestay

There are many beautiful homestays in Sittong. Experience what it’s like is to live with tribal people and do try out the delicious home cooked food.

Transport Facilities

Local taxi’s such as Sumo Gold is available from Siliguri which will take you to Sittong. You can also book a private taxi that will take you directly to Sittong.


  • Folk Music & Dance
  • Traditional Food
  • Adventure Sports
  • Night Trek
  • Mountain Bike Rally
  • Rock Band Festival
  • Camp Fire
  • Cracker Show

Event Schedule

Colors of Darjeeling Himalayas with Traditional Folk Music and Dance.